Ball of Fire Gumballs - 1080ct

Ball of Fire Gumballs - 1080ct
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Fire in the hole! These Ball of Fire Gumballs pack the heat of an active volcano and are ready to blow the top off of the roof of your mouth. Still interested? Then we think you're strong enough to handle this severe blaze.

Created with a hotter than heck cinnamon flavor, you'll have to suck on these balls of fire until the inferno gives way to a sweeter cinnamon, gumball center. If you can last that long through the heat, then you'll be able to reward yourself with another, because this supply comes with tons and tons of red hot gumballs for you to eat.

Now get ready to light a fire that just can't be extinguished when you order these incredibly spicy Ball of Fire Gumballs today!

SKU: U320029

Diameter = 7/8-inch each

Price per piece: $0.05

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