Baseball Homerun Gumballs - 850 CT

Baseball Homerun Gumballs - 850 CT
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Baseball gumballs with stiching and fun baseball sayings!

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Baseball Homerun gumballs are sure to be a big hit at your next party or sports themed event! Regular gumballs are tasty, but sometimes you need something with more personality.

Complement a baseball theme or start some interesting conversations with these tasty bubblegum treats! Each piece includes a round, bite-sized ball of white chewing gum. The surface is printed in black stitching, just like a real baseball. Along with simple stitching, each bubblegum baseball also includes a fun phrase. Taste a "Pop Out" or a "Hit to Right".

Our bulk bubblegum pack gives you large quantities that are ideal for casual snacking and events. Use them as treat bag filler or add to baby shower favors to give your event a sporty theme. Every bite is super chewy and sweet so you get the flavor you love with a fun athletic twist! Hit a homerun by serving up our baseball gumballs after a practice or the big game!

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