Gumdrops - 15.5lb

Gumdrops - 15.5lb
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34 drops per pound (527 total)

Price per pound: $3.35

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If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gumdrops, then we'd be out of business! However, you can still feel like it's raining gumdrops with this bulk bag of gummy candies.

A classic addition for holiday baked goods, stockings, and fancy gingerbread houses, you will be stocked up for the season with this bag. In a variety of colors and fruity flavors, savor the sweetness as the sugary coating melts in your mouth. Then get ready to chew 'til you drop with a yummy gummy center. The holidays just aren't complete without a few mouthfuls of these sugary sweets.

SKU: O346989

34 drops per pound (527 total)

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