Gummi Alligators Candy - 6.6lb

Gummi Alligators Candy - 6.6lb
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Delicious two-toned gummy alligators in assorted colors and flavors, perfect for Florida-themed parties or everyday enjoyment.

15 pieces per pound (100 total)

Price per pound: $8.33

Product Details

Gummy alligators will quickly slither to the top of your favorite candy list! This unique take on the classic gummy worm is full of sweet flavor and comes in one of many brilliant colors.

Each piece includes a two toned design with combinations of red, orange, yellow, green and white. These cute candies are shaped like a little alligator, with a long tapered tail, stubby legs and a narrow nose with big gator eyes. Lines cover the critters back, just like the scaly skin found on the real thing!

Our bulk gummy alligators are a great choice for theme parties and holidays. You get plenty of pieces to go around whether you're serving a handful of guests or a large crowd. Use them to fill up treat bags or turn them into a unique decoration for cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Kids love eating gummy alligators as a fun after school snack!

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15 pieces per pound (100 total)

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