Pink Grapefruit Gummi Bears - 5lb

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Forget about common gummy bear flavors because our collection includes this unique fruity favorite! Our pink grapefruit gummy bears offer the same chewy taste of your favorite bear shaped candies with the refreshing flavor of ripe grapefruit.

Each bear is a pleasant pink hue, much like the juicy meat of a real grape fruit. These charming little gummy bears are made by Albanese. Each teddy features a classic ursine shape with a recognizable "A" raised on its belly. You know you're getting an authentic Albanese treat when you see the simple "A" logo on each piece.

Our single flavor bulk gummy pack gives you all the chewy sweetness you need for parties, picnics and other gatherings. Keep them in your home or at the office as an easy snack featuring your favorite citrus fruit. Albanese has been making fine candies for over 30 years, and it really shows when you taste the grapefruit flavor of our pink gummy bears!

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