Trolli Gummi Bears Classics - 12ct Bags

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Classic Bears gummy bears from Trolli!

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Trolli gummy bears are a chewy snack that adults and kids alike love. This popular confection is fun to eat thanks to its familiar shape and brilliant colors.

Every piece features the round ears, paws and face of a little bear cub in one of many vibrant hues, including red, green and yellow. This traditional gummy candy contains no fat so you can feel guilt-free every time you snack!

Our bulk Trolli gummy bears are a modern version of the original that was created way back in the 1920s in Germany. The first gummy bears were inspired by the playful trained bears that used to dance and perform at street festivals and other celebrations throughout Europe.

The candy has steadily increased in popularity and is currently available in many more shapes and colors. These gummy bears are a convenient choice for events, parties, school activities, community events and holidays.

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