Gummi Chicken Feet Candy - 6.6lb

Gummi Chicken Feet Candy - 6.6lb
  • $36.99

Delight your customers with two-tone, yellow and red, slightly sour and delicious Clever Candy® Gummy Chicken Feet.

76 pieces per pound (502 total)

Price per pound: $5.60

Product Details

Gummy chicken feet are hands down one of the most unusual and unique confections you will find anywhere. Gummy candy comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Just when you think you have seen it all, Vidal introduces a whole new take on the classic gummy! These brightly colored morsels are delightfully chewy (and thankfully taste nothing like the real thing!).

In the 50 years that Vidal has been creating delicious treats, their chicken feet gummies have to rank among the most memorable and original. Each piece includes four toes with segmented texture. The actual foot is covered in a bright yellow hue while the top includes a length of red. They may look strange, but they sure taste great!

Gummy chicken feet make a great novelty candy for special occasions. Decorate cakes and cupcakes or serve them in decorative bowls and jars. Our bulk gummy chicken feet candy are sure to start some interesting conversations at your next party or event!

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76 pieces per pound (502 total)

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