Gummi Crocodile Hatchlings Candy - 5lb

Gummi Crocodile Hatchlings - 5lb
  • $28.99

Vibrant green and white gummy crocodile hatchlings for a colorful candy buffet.

114 hatchlings per pound (570 total)

Price per pound: $5.80

Product Details

Each piece of gummy crocodile hatchlings is shaped like a miniature crocodile, with four lizard-like legs, curled tail and broad, tapered head. The back is lined in square scales that add great detail. Each piece includes a bright red head that fades into wild green.

They may look menacing, but our gummy crocodiles are actually quite docile. They won't bite you, but they will take a chunk out of sugary cravings. Their gummy crocodiles offer a unique shape and look that's perfect for themed events and other celebrations that might appreciate alligators.

Kids will love playing with these chewy treats at family gatherings. Add them to birthday treat bags or add to your kid-friendly candy buffet. Gummy crocodile hatchlings also make a unique cake decoration. Simply ice cakes, cupcakes or cookies then arrange these monstrous morsels on top! Our bulk gummy crocodiles gives you many pieces to eat, give or experiment with.

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114 hatchlings per pound (570 total)

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