Haribo Dinosaurs Gummi Candy - 5lb

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Classic Haribo dinosaurs gummi candy in bulk!

Price per pound: $7.20

Product Details

Travel back in time for some prehistoric fun with our gummy dinosaurs! These tasty treats give children an excuse to play with their food before they eat it. Each chewy gummy candy features one of many popular dinos. Overpower taste buds with a realistic T-rex or charge through snack time with a triceratops. From stegosauruses to brontosauruses, everyone's favorite species are covered in our bulk candy pack!

As if dinosaur shaped gummies weren't enough, our terrible lizards are colored half and half so you get two brilliant hues in every piece! These tempting treats are perfect for themed birthday parties, picnics or trips to the natural history museum. Our bulk candy package also makes it easy to get more of the dino gummies you love for gatherings, school events and other occasions. These confectionary treats don't roar, but they pack a powerful taste that is sure to satisfy any rampaging sweet tooth!

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