Gummi Giant Snake 27' - 7lb

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3 pieces per pound (21 total)

Price per pound: $8.28

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Have a slitherin' good time with our giant gummy snake! This impressive reptile themed treat is sure to make snack time interesting. Each piece is enormous so you get many mouthfuls of sweet, delicious confection.

Our gummy snakes include a realistic shape with a tapered head and long, slender body that wiggles all the way back to a rattler tipped tail. Bands of vibrant color make this gummy candy even more enticing! Admire lengths of deep blue and bold red separated by gorgeous green and brilliant yellow. It's a scaly rainbow of flavor that is absolutely irresistible! Our giant gummy snakes are enormous, providing many feet of edible reptile.

This fun gummy critter makes a mouthwatering conversation piece and can be given as a unique novelty candy gift. Impress someone who loves snakes or give a gummy enthusiast the ultimate treat! Our realistic snake gummy will make your taste buds crawl with delight!

SKU: U316717

3 pieces per pound (21 total)

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