Haribo Happy Cola Bottles Gummi Candy 5oz Bags - 12ct

  • $35.99

Classic Haribo happy cola bottles gummi candy in fun bags!

Price per unit: $3.00

Product Details

Haribo Happy Cola bottle candies are a fun way to enjoy the fizzy flavor of a soda without a glass. This unique confection includes classic bottle-shaped pieces that are reminiscent of antique Coke bottles. The top half is clear with detailed bands around the middle and a narrow top where the cap would normally be. The bottom half is dark amber brown, just like a refreshing drink of cola on a hot summer's day!

Our Haribo Happy Cola gummies will put a smile on everyone's face as the bite down on the distinct taste of their favorite sugary beverage! Now you can get bulk cola bottle candies so you get more fizzy fun with your order. Save them for snack time and school lunches or put them out as a special treat for guests at birthday parties, picnics and family reunions. No matter what you're celebrating, Haribo Happy cola bottle gummies will make the event more exciting!

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