Gummy Lemons - 5lb

Gummy Lemons - 5lb
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Gummy lemons offer a new take on the classic fruit candy!

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Gummy lemons offer a new take on the classic fruit candy. Anyone who loves the refreshing taste of citrus must sample our delectable lemon treats! This gummy candy is shaped like a natural lemon, with a dainty stem and pointed base.

Each is puffed so the middle is thicker to give you more gummy goodness in each bite. The surface is pure sunshine yellow while a gentle dusting of sugar adds delightful texture that's beautiful and tasty! Lemon gummies can be enjoyed in many fun ways! Eat them by the handful, one at a time or pour them into a glass dish to share with loved ones.

The bright yellow hue and elegant shape makes these confections great candidates for wedding favors and treat bags. You can also use gummy lemons to decorate cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes and gingerbread houses. Our bulk gummy lemon pack makes it so easy to get all the fruit candy you need for any occasion!

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