Sour Brite Gummy Octopus Candy Trolli - 6.6lb

Sour Brite Gummy Octopus Candy Trolli - 6.6lb
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Sour gummy octopi are long on sourness and plentiful on legs!

64 pieces per pound (423 total)

Price per pound: $7.42

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No party or event is completed without wiggly, jiggly gummy octopus candy! This unique confection takes your favorite treat and gives it a new aquatic look. Each piece is soft and chewy and includes multiple colors - just like gummy worms!

You'll see bright red, sunny yellow, white and other vibrant hues. What makes this gummy candy special is its distinctive shape. Each piece includes a round center that forms an adorable octopus head. Eight bendy legs extend out in all directions, each with a rounded shape that recreates the look of real tentacles.

Bite one or try a few at a time for a mouthful of sweet gummy goodness! Our bulk gummy octopus candies are a must-have for beach and pirate themed parties. Use them to fill candy dishes or put in a bowl or jar for a candy buffet. Kids will love finding these novelty gummies in their treat bags!

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64 pieces per pound (423 total)

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