Gummi Panda Cola Bears - 5lb

Gummi Panda Cola Bears - 5lb
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You can say you are ordering this bulk supply of Gummi Panda Cola Bears for your kids, but there will be no denying your true intentions when your hand is the one always caught in the candy jar.

There is no denying that these Gummi Panda Cola Bears are just about the cutest candy you will see. This is why they are such a huge hit at birthday parties for little kids. However, it is the flavor that will have you addicted to these Gummi Panda Cola Bears.

As their name implies, they taste like cola, but this is not just a subtle flavor like you might expect. These candies are just as tasty and refreshing as a fizzy soda. Do you try to avoid drinking soda in your house? Then these yummy gummies will be an extra special treat. Gummi Panda Cola Bears are perfect for any event for both adults and kids.

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