Gummi Pizza - 48ct

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No pizza is as chewy or fruity as this personal pan pie!

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No pizza is as chewy or fruity as this personal pan pie! Our gummy pizza candy is a fun treat that combines your favorite confection with the excitement of eating a fresh made pizza!

Each piece is full of delicious detail. The gummy features five slices complete with crust, cheese and toppings in a variety of colors. Every bite is packed with irresistible fruit flavor! Eat an entire pie yourself or share a few pieces with friends!

Along with a fun design, this novelty candy also comes in original packaging. Each gummy pizza is sealed inside a plastic sleeve that's very similar to those used to package real frozen pizzas. It's then slid inside a stylish green, white and red cardboard sleeve.

Our bulk gummy pizza box contains many individually packaged pies that are ready to give or enjoy! Pack them in school lunches for the kids, use them in treat bags at parties or save them as a quick treat at home.

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