Red Cherry Slices Candy - 15.5lb Bulk

Red Cherry Slices Candy - 15.5lb Bulk
  • $26.99

Chewy cherry-flavored jelly candies from Sunrise Confections® offer a nostalgic treat for bulk candy bins.

Price per pound: $4.91

Product Details

Sour and cherry are the ying to the yang of deliciousness. And in these Gummi Sour Cherry Slices, there's no exception. Shaped like little cherries you can munch on these gummy candies and enjoy a burst of tart flavor, sugary exterior and sweet and chewy interior.

Have you ever tried adding sour gummies to your lemonade or punch glass for an extra kick of sour and sweet? Well, if you order yourself some of these Sour Cherry Slices, then you'll be able to try it over and over again. You can also pair these them with a sweeter treat if you need to soften the tang factor and up the yumminess. Use your imagination with these sour cherry gummi slices and you won't be disappointed.

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