Gummi Sour Fruit Slices Assorted - 5.5lb

Gummi Sour Fruit Slices Assorted - 5.5lb
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Our sour fruit slice gummies offer the juicy flavor and sweetness you love with a touch of bit! Each piece is made with high quality gummy candy.

You'll see many familiar shapes in vibrant colors, like orange wedges, slices of lemon and bunches of purple grapes. Unlike other fruit gummies, these sassy slices combine their super sweetness with a burst of tart that keeps your taste buds guessing!

If you're searching for a simple treat for events and parties, our gummy sour fruit slice assortment is a great choice. Pour them into glass bowls and impress guests with a colorful presentation. Add them to tulle bags or tiny gift boxes to give as shower or wedding favors

They also make an irresistible treat at home! Our bulk fruit slice gummies give you many pieces so you can serve large crowds as well as smaller gatherings. Give your guests the best experience possible with our tasty assorted sour fruit slices!

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