Gummi Sour Grapefruit Slices - 5.5lb

Gummi Sour Grapefruit Slices - 5.5lb
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Why should oranges and lemons be the only citrus fruits that get to have all the fun? There are plenty of candies available in these two flavors. Do candy manufacturers not realize there are other juicy, delicious citrus fruits to choose from? If you are looking for a flavor that's a little different and truly satisfying these Gummi Sour Grapefruit Slices are for you.

These sugar-sanded yellow and pink Gummi Sour Grapefruit Slices will certainly have you puckering up. You will enjoy the perfect balance of sweet-and-sour in every bite, just like the fruit. These gummies are just as pretty as they are delicious.

Their colorful display makes them perfect for weddings, baby showers, Easter parties, and other special events. Looking for something different to top your cupcakes? These will work! You can even cut a slice in them to stick on the edge of a glass as a garnish to a cocktail.

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