Gummi Sour Pacifiers - 4lb

Gummi Sour Pacifiers - 4lb
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From baby showers to birthday parties, there's no occasion that can't be made sweeter with our sour gummy pacifiers! This chewy candy offers brilliant colors with a fun, recognizable shape.

Each piece includes a solid ring on the bottom in bold red, green or gold. One end extends up to form a white bulb to create the shape of a classic baby binky. These gummy candies may look harmless, but watch out because they have a little bit of bite! Each Vidal gummy pacifier includes sweet, chewy confection that's delightful on the taste buds.

The surface is covered in a barrier of sour sugar that gives this baby candy an edge! Pour into a dish or jar to offer guests on tables or use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods. Kids and adults alike will love the delicious flavor and chewy texture in every bite of our bulk gummy sour pacifiers!

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