Gummi Sour Stars - 6.6lb

Gummi Sour Stars - 6.6lb
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Stars at night - are big and bright!

Price per pound: $7.42

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Gummy sour stars and moons are fun, colorful and absolutely out of this world! You'll love every bite even more when you see enchanting five point stars, scalloped suns, comets and crescent moons.

Each chewy piece is made using high quality gummy candy in many brilliant hues, including yellow, orange, red and blue. It's like having the entire universe in your pantry! Make themed parties, holidays and other events even more memorable by handing out these tasty tidbits.

They look dazzling in a glass dish or jar. Pour them into treat bags or give you beloved reception guests something sweet to enjoy by adding them to wedding favors. The fun astronomy inspired shapes are also gorgeous for decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes or can be used to put the finishing touches on a gingerbread house!

Our star gummies include a generous number of pieces so you have more than enough for picnics, events or whatever occasion you're celebrating!

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