Trolli Strawberry Puffs Gummies - 12ct Bags

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Like pink gummy clouds, gummy strawberry puffs from Trolli!

Price per bag: $3.08

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Trolli Strawberry Puffs gummies are like a bowl full of fruit in every bite! If you love juicy berry flavors then you'll absolutely adore these playful little gummy candies. Each piece features a simple rounded wedge shape, with a flat bottom and curved dome top.

The lower half comes in pure white, hinting at the taste of rich cream. The upper half comes in bold red, just like a fresh picked strawberry! Our bulk Strawberry Puffs gummies are a great way to get more of the candy you love. Keep them in the kitchen as an easy go-to snack or hide them anywhere you're likely to experience sweet cravings.

Take a bag or two to the office to share with coworkers or use them as a sweet reward for students in the classroom. Strawberry gummies also make a wonderful addition to your Easter basket candy list! Try soft, chewy Strawberry Puffs gummies made by world-famous Trolli!

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