Gummy Bears - 5lb

Gummy Bears - 5lb
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Gummy bears are one of the most popular chewy treats available in the confection market today! Now you can get bulk gummy bears for any occasion right here at CandyStore. com. Each package contains classic fruit flavors and bright colors that make this delicious snack so enticing.

Gummies are wonderful for birthday parties, showers, picnics, reunions and any event that brings young and old together to celebrate! The first gummy bears were created with inspiration from the real performing bears that were seen in European street festivals.

Even decades later, the fun and exciting spirit of those performances is captured in the adorable shape and taste of every soft gummy bear! Enjoy them as a quick snack at home or use them as a special topping for Sundaes or as a decoration when baking cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Our bulk gummy bears are the best way to get more of the candy you love!

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