Gummy Sharks Assorted Colors - 6.6lb

Gummy Sharks Assorted Colors - 6.6lb
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64 pieces per pound (423 total)

Price per pound: $6.36

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These Gummy Sharks will make you smile with their lovely shape and bright fruity flavor. In a variety of colors from red, to green, to yellow, let this school of deliciousness swim right into your mouth.

If you have family and friends at home who love chewy candies as well as fruity flavors, then these are the perfect choice for you! Stock yourself up on these to add to candy buffet bars, put in individual sized goodie bags to give away to party guests, add to a punch or as a drink garnish, or keep on a table around the pool. You'll love this delicious ocean-inspired treats.

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64 pieces per pound (423 total)

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