Gummy Strawberry-Filled Kissing Lips - 2lb

Gummy Kissing Lips - 2lb
  • $18.99

A fun Valentine's Day candy, Vidal® gummy lips offer a delightful strawberry chew and add variety to candy buffets.

84 pieces per pound (180 total)

Price per pound: $9.50

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These candies look so good and taste even more amazing that we could just kiss them! And they're sure to kiss every snacker back with their gleaming red lips and delicious candy chew. Bring home a bulk order of these Gummy Kissing Lips Candies today and you'll experience a delicious and loveable treat complete with a marshmallow base and chewy red gummy candy top.

In the shape of lips, these candies make a cheeky addition to any bachelorette party or Valentine's Day gift. They even can be used in goodie bags for a spa party or anything girly you can dream up. If you love red gummy candy and marshmallow, then bring some home today.

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84 pieces per pound (180 total)

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