Gummy Red Raspberries - 5lb

Gummy Red Raspberries - 5lb
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Gummy Red Raspberries are a classic and flavorful candy. Made from natural and artificial flavors these gummies are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Perfect additions to summer and spring parties Raspberry gummies can be frozen in ice cubes for a sweet addition on a hot day, or used as decorative garnish to other treats. Red Raspberry Gummies are have a fruity and sweet flavor with a soft gummy texture.

These gummies are perfect for grab and go snacking and make great additions to personal, break room, and party candy dishes. Gummy Red Raspberries make great learning tools in the classroom, they can be used to teach about fruit, raspberries, math, and make great rewards for achievements. They are bite size and flavorful making them a favorite amongst children.

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