Gummy Twin Cherries - 5lb

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Two gummy cherries hanging down from joined stems!

Price per pound: $3.20

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Product Details

Gummy Twin Cherries are flavor packed decorative gummies that can add to any soiree. These soft and tasty gummies are the perfect accent to landscaped edibles, pies, cupcakes, and cookies. They can be used for weddings to add to swag, birthday parties for treat bags, and any spring or summer holiday.

Twin Cherries make great toppers to cocktails and in punch bowls. Kids will delight picking these gummy cherries off decorative trees, or simply eating them. The intense fruity flavor compliments the smooth soft gelatin based candy. Twin Cherries are cleverly decorated and realistic looking. When combined with the flavor the senses think it is the real thing. These Twin Cherry Candies are fat free making them perfect for over indulgence. Twin Cherries candies can be taken on the go for a pick me up.

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