Lucas Gusano Chamoy & Tamarindo - 10ct Pack

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Sweet, salty, spicy Mexican Gusano candy!

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Whether you are looking for a unique candy for a birthday party, or if you need treats for a Cinco de Mayo event this Lucas Gusano Candy is perfect. You might think it is strange that the candy is all inside an accordion-like container, but this is one of its great qualities.

It just gets dabbed on the tongue, so there is no sticky, melting mess to clean off fingers and clothes. This also makes Gusano Candy perfect to take camping or hiking. When the bottle is empty it can be used as a water gun.

You are probably wondering what in the world it tastes like, right? Gusano Candy is a Mexican tradition. We offer it in Tamarindo and Chamoy. It is essentially candy pulp. Tamarind is a pod-like fruit that offers sweet and sour flavors. Chamoy is used in a variety of condiments and sauces in Mexican cuisine and typically has a sweet, salty, spiced, and sour flavor.

So, both have layers of complex flavors that appeal to anyone's personal taste. When you want to serve candy that is delicious but unusual, Gusano Candy is perfect. Folks will be talking about it for weeks.


Flavor List

Tamarindo or Chamoy

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