Chili Lix Lollipops Box - 36ct

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Assortment of habanero, jalapeno, and chili suckers!

1 ounce per pop

Price per pop: $3.19

Product Details

You may need to turn up the air-conditioning, wipe the sweat from your brow, and have a tall glass of water handy when you eat one of these Chili Lix Lollipops.

Someone definitely turned up the heat in these unique candies, and by someone, we mean Hotlix, the candy creator of everything unusual and creepy. These Habanero, Jalapeno and Chili suckers taste just like you are eating a superhot pepper.

Chili Lix Lollipops are about 2 inches long, so they last a pretty long time. They are also on a stick that is over 4 inches long, so they are comfortable to hold. Do you have a friend who always orders the hottest wings and spiciest chili when you go out? They would make the perfect gift for them.

Break these out at your next summer barbeque with friends to see who can manage to get to the end. They are also perfect to leave in your candy dish at work. When you see someone hanging out at the water cooler, you will know who has been sneaking in and taking your candy while you are out to lunch!

SKU: Y339749

1 ounce per pop

Flavor List

Assortment of habanero, jalapeno, and chili suckers.

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