Halloween Jelly Pumpkins Candy - 5lb

Halloween Jelly Pumpkins Candy - 5lb CandyStore.com
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On the night of All Hollow's Eve, the spirits of the dead raise up from the earth and roam the night. Spooked yet? These Halloween Jelly Pumpkins Candies are far less terrifying and will add some much needed levity to your scary Halloween season.

In bright orange and black and shaped like perfect little pumpkins, this poppable Halloween Jelly Pumpkins Candy is perfect to snack on one by one or by the handful. If you're hosting a Halloween celebration or just love to give out the best candy on the block, then order some Halloween Jelly Pumpkins Candy to wrap up in goodie bags or scatter into candy dishes for guests to enjoy. Once you have one of these Halloween Jelly Pumpkins Candies in your mouth, you'll feel much braver if someone says, Boo!

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