Haribo Gummi Grapefruit - 5lb

Haribo Gummi Grapefruit - 5lb CandyStore.com
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irresistible gummy grapefruit wedges!

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Our gummy grapefruits are just one of the many chewy candies produced by the famous German company, Haribo! Since 1920, Haribo has been perfecting its gummy treats to bring the world some of the best confections available , even by today's standards. The Haribo gummi grapefruit is one of the classic treats that has helped put the company on the map. This delectable fruit-inspired snack tickles the taste buds with a blend of tangy sweetness that's completely irresistible!

Each gummy grapefruit candy is wedge shaped with rounded edges that's easy to hold while you snack. The surface is covered in a dusting of high quality sugar which conceals the soft, chewy gummy candy that gives these charming sweets their remarkable flavor. Try our convenient bulk gummy package so you never run out of your favorite grapefruit candy! Use them to fill the candy dish at home or share them with coworkers at the office so everyone can savor the unique flavor of Haribo grapefruit gummies!

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