Haribo Gummi Peaches - 5lb

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Sugary coating and delicious light peach flavor!

63 pieces per pound (315 total)

Price per pound: $7.20

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You're a peach! Well, actually these Haribo Gummi Peaches are. In a sugary coating and delicious light peach flavor, bite into these chewy gummies for a taste of the summertime.

Bring some to a warm weather BBQ, add some as a pretty drink garnish to lemonade and adult drinks, or even use them to decorate the top of a strawberry shortcake! Haribo bears first made their chewy debut in 1922 in Germany. To this day, they're one of the biggest manufacturers of gummies and supply happy snackers all around the world. See for yourself why they earned the slogan, ''Kids and grown-ups love it so _ the happy world of Haribo!''

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63 pieces per pound (315 total)

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