Haribo Sour Gummi Fruity Pasta - 12ct

Haribo Sour Gummi Fruity Pasta - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Since when does pasta taste fruity? Since Haribo came out with its original Fruity Pasta gummies! This is truly one of the most unique and flavorful ways you can enjoy your favorite chewy candy.

Everyone loves the classic taste of traditional gummy bears and worms, but what if you want something different for snacking or celebrating? This colorful pasta candy is sure to get everyone talking - especially when they taste its amazing sweet and sour flavor!

Every piece includes a flat, rectangle shaped "noodle" of gummy candy in red, yellow or olive green. Subtle textured lines appear along the wide surface, which is covered in a pucker-inducing dusting of sour sugar. Excite you taste buds with the ultimate sweet and sour combination that's also a gummy treat!

Our bulk fruit pasta gummies are completely fat free so you can enjoy them without guilt. Each pack contains several individual bags so you can store them anywhere or give them away as a tasty gift!

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