Heath Chunks Toffee Bits Medium Ground - 3lb

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Heath medium ground chunks with chocolate!

Price per pound: $14.33

Product Details

Milk chocolate English toffee bits, medium ground. Are you hosting a sundae bar for a work or fellowship event, or getting a head start on your Christmas freezer cookies? Heath Chunks Toffee Bits raise the tone of your desserts with the classic crunch and perfect pairing of milk chocolate and English toffee.

These bulk Heath Chunks Toffee Bits are perfect for topping brownies, but don't be surprised if you end up with fewer than your recipe calls for, they're irresistible to munch! The dark color of these wholesale milk-chocolate toffee bits gives a lovely, earthy contrast with whipped topping and looks great in a glass or ceramic bowl on your wedding reception's dessert bar.

Small- to medium-sized Heath Chunks have a pebble-like texture that's gorgeous wherever you want a somewhat more natural look in your culinary presentation. They're great in milkshakes, too, but whatever the form, it's hard for most anyone to say no to Heath Chunks Toffee Bits!

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