Hershey's Drops Milk Chocolate King Size - 18ct

  • $44.99

King size bags of chocolate morsels from Hershey's!

2.1 ounces per unit

Price per unit: $2.50

Product Details

A little bigger than M&M's, these King Size Hershey Milk Chocolate Drops have the same hard candy shell and melty milk chocolate center that people love. And in this king size package, there's a ton of drops to go around.

You'll want to eat these King Size Hershey Milk Chocolate Drops down to the last drop! That's because they're so addicting with their crunchy shell and rich chocolate center. Since these are tiny little morsels of chocolate, they naturally work wonderfully as chocolate chips in cookies or on cakes. They can even be added to candy buffet bars, wrapped in individual goodie bags, stuffed inside Easter eggs and practically anything else you can think of.

SKU: R329185

2.1 ounces per unit

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