Caramel Hersheys Kisses - 18oz

Caramel Hersheys Kisses - 18oz
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Wow 'em at the cookie exchange with the most decadent thumbprints on the block when you use Hershey's Caramel Kisses to dial up the deliciousness factor! A sophisticated combo of indulgent favorites, these classic milk chocolate Kisses hide a heart of gooey gold , golden caramel, that is!

Each Caramel Hershey's Kiss is enclosed in its own striped foil wrapper, keeping the chocolate fresh and glossy and the Kiss delectable to your tongue. Superb for an elegant wedding candy buffet with their foil wraps, wholesale-priced Hershey's Caramel Kisses can also go a little wilder in the right setting with their packaging's pretty "tiger stripes. "

Drop a few in cordial glasses for a sinfully simple dinner-party dessert! This family-sized bag of the chocolate and caramel confections offers an economical bulk serving of one of the most popular chocolate sweets.

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