Hershey's Kisses - 4lb

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Show some love with our bulk Hershey kisses!

100 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $12.50

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Show some love with our bulk Hershey kisses! Few candies are as recognizable as the familiar cone shape that is the trademark of these chocolate treats. They are simply yet extremely versatile. Hand them out at parties, use them to fill your candy dish at home or add them to party or wedding favors. No matter where you are or what the occasion may be, guests will savor the sweet taste and unique shape that has earned these charming confections enormous popularity.

Every Hershey kiss candy is covered in a silver foil wrapper. Simply peel back the top and enjoy the full, rich flavor that comes with every dainty bite! Our bulk candy packages are the most convenient way to order your Hershey kisses in large quantities for gatherings and events. You can also purchase a pack or two for baking around the holidays so you always have enough to make your favorite Hershey cookies!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F316070

100 pieces per pound

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