Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars - 36ct

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A favorite chocolate bar for many over the years!

1.55 ounces per bar

Price per bar: $2.06

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Product Details

One candy that has been a favorite for many over the years and still is, it's the Hershey's milk chocolate bar. Nothing short of delicious. There is just something about the way that these are able to melt in your mouth when you take a bite. They are smooth and wonderful. This is great if you are looking to use them to make s'mores.

They are also great all on their own. These are full sized bars that are wrapped individually. If you are one that has a sweet tooth often then you will really be able to benefit from the bulk 36 count box of them. It will ensure that you have a way to indulge in this wonderful tasting candy bar whenever you decide that you want to or need to. Nothing is better than the sweet chocolaty taste of Hershey's. Kids and adults are both able to enjoy this wonderful candy.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: Y342663

1.55 ounces per bar

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