Hershey's Nostalgia Milk Chocolate Bar - 24ct

  • $90.99

Old-school candy bar labels on classic Hershey's bars!

3.5 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $3.79

Product Details

Feel like you're stepping back into the days of yesteryear with these Hershey's Nostalgia Milk Chocolate Bars. With the same classic milk chocolate that's been around since 1893, these chocolate bars harken back to the days they were born with classic and nostalgic wrappers that make them look true to their time.

If you have someone who loves old fashioned candy and you'd like to surprise them with something special, then bring home some of these Hershey's Nostalgia Milk Chocolate Bars. They'll look great paired with other historic candies or served up right on their own. If you're having an era-inspired party, then these Hershey's Nostalgia Milk Chocolate Bars would also make a great addition to the dessert table or gift baggies you plan on doling out to your guests.

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3.5 ounces per bar

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