Hi-Chew Banana Candy - 10ct

Hi-Chew Banana Candy - 10ct
  • $32.99

Indulge in a juicy, chewy, and fruity escape with HI-CHEW™ Banana candy, a popular Japanese grab-and-go candy item.

Price per pack: $3.30

Product Details

Japan's most famous and popular chewy candy maker, Hi-Chew, has a great banana flavored chewy candy for you. Hi-Chew banana fruit chews are gummy, chewy candies that taste just like the fruit they're modeled after.

You'll be surprised that you didn't have to peel your candy to eat it. Hi-Chew banana fruit chews are great for a mid-afternoon snack or to put out in your living room candy dish any time you have company.

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