Hi-Chew Mango Candy - 10ct

Hi-Chew Mango Candy - 10ct
  • $32.99

Individually wrapped, juicy, chewy and fruity Japanese candy that is easy to share and impossible not to love.

Price per pack: $3.30

Product Details

Hi-Chew candy is a delicious treat that comes all the way from Japan! This confection has remained its native country's top selling fruit chew for more than three decades. Hi-Chews were first released in 1975, however it was re-released with its current shape in 1986.

This unique treat started out as an effort to create edible chewing gum that candy lovers could swallow. The result was the irresistible Hi-Chew fruit chews that so many people love today! Whether you're looking to try international candy or simply love a chewy, fruity confection, you can't go wrong with these highly sought treats.

Our bulk Hi-Chew box features exotic mango so you get the soft, delicious texture and the refreshing taste of tropical fruit! Order to enjoy as a quick snack or use to create unique party favors. Our box contains many packs of Hi-Chew that are easy to carry, share and give as a gift!

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