Hi-Chew Strawberry Candy - 10ct

  • $31.99

Indulge in juicy, chewy, and fruity Japanese candy with individually wrapped HI-CHEW™ Strawberry chews.

Price per pack: $3.20

Product Details

Konnichiwa! Are you ready to try a traditional and famous Japanese fruit chew candy that will blow your socks off? If so, order yourself some of these incredible Hi-Chew Strawberry candies.

In a bright strawberry flavor, these Hi-Chew Strawberry candies will keep your mouth full of delicious fruity flavor as you enjoy chomping down and chewing this candy. If you want to introduce a candy from another culture into your household, then why not start here? In 10 count packs, you'll have a ton to share with neighbors, friends and family and show them a taste of another country all the way across the world.

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