Hot Chocolate Truffles Cup - 40ct Tub

Hot Chocolate Truffles Cup - 40ct Tub
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Shaped like cups of hot cocoa, each candy is made of delicious, melty and rich chocolate that will make you feel warm and toasty. Keep some of these Hot Chocolate Truffles Cups around if you're getting ready for a winter solstice party or event in which you'll be outside. Even serve some on a coffee and tea platter in the wintertime to make guests smile and feel warmer right away. Get all the flavor without any of the prep with these Hot Chocolate Truffles Cups.

On a cold winter's day there's nothing like sitting down on the couch, wrapping a plush blanket around your shoulders, slipping your feet into soft loafers and enjoying a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Now you can enjoy the flavor all year long with our Hot Chocolate Truffles Cup!

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