Hot Dog Cinnamon Bubblegum - 72ct

Hot Dog Cinnamon Bubblegum - 72ct
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In the world of bubblegum cinnamon is a basic flavor, why not put it in a hot dog link and make it quirky and unique. Hot Dog Cinnamon Bubblegum did just that. Invented in the 1950s and made popular in the 196's, this retro candy will have nostalgic adults and young whipper snappers grinning from ear to ear. This gum packs a powerful flavor punch disguised in a small hot dog shaped package.

Hot Dog Bubble gum is perfect for decorative additions to any edible holiday decor. For Businesses they are a great addition to that candy fundraiser in the break room, or lobby. Sell them for 5 cents apiece and watch your goals. Each pack comes with two hot dog links that double as two pieces of gum. Hot Dog Cinnamon Bubblegum comes in a retro style display box and contains 72 packs of links for 144 hot dogs.

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