Hot Pink Jelly Beans - 2lb Bulk

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Beautiful hot pink jelly beans with strawberry flavor!

375 beans per pound (750 total)

Price per pound: $7.00

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Beautiful hot pink jelly beans with strawberry flavor! Color coordinate your party with gorgeous bulk jelly beans in a uniform color of pink.Our pink strawberry jelly beans are so fun and festive, they look like they were plucked right from the Easter bunny's basket! Each piece offers gourmet flavor and a delightful pearly pink hue that looks gorgeous when displayed in a glass bowl. Set them out as a sweet treat at holiday parties, birthdays and other events or hide a few in party or wedding favors. Nothing looks more delightful than our pink Savanna strawberry jelly beans inside a tulle sachet with a bit of satin ribbon on top!Each small jelly bean is similar in size to the famous Jelly Belly beans. We offer this classic confection in large quantities so you can easily get enough to go around when friends and family comes to visit. From baby showers and weddings to Easter events and spring parties, our strawberry jelly beans will be the most popular foot item on the menu!

SKU: U351608

375 beans per pound (750 total)

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