Hot Tamales Candy - 5lb

  • $25.99

Indulge in the fiery and fun flavors of Hot Tamales Candy! These red-hot candies provide a kick of cinnamon and are perfect for satisfying your spicy cravings.

250 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $5.78

Product Details

If you are looking for chewy candy with a spicy cinnamon flavor, that is sure to please, then this is the treat for you. They have a wonderful and exciting red color to them. This is great for those who have a candy buffet and are looking to add a little bit of red to it.

When you bite into this great candy you are sure to find that your taste buds will be pleased with the pleasant but strong kick that you great from the awesome flavor that this candy is able to deliver. These come in a bulk bag that is sure to get plenty of them for whatever reason you need them. Whether you are throwing a birthday party, just looking to keep candy around the house, or using them for a buffet you are sure to find that you will be more than pleased with amazing Hot Tamales!

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250 pieces per pound

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