Bubble Tape Tangy Tropic Hubba Bubba - 12ct

  • $25.99

Continuous tropical tape that measures 6 feet long!

Price per unit: $2.17

Product Details

Hubba Bubba bubble gum likes to change things up to bring ambitious chewers more fun flavors than ever before! If awesome original isn't enough, then treat your taste buds to the sweet sensation of tangy tropical! This version features all your favorite exotic fruits to create a taste that's just like an adventure on a tropical island!

Along with big fruit flavor, Hubba Bubba bubble tape also offers a unique way to enjoy every piece. This product comes in a continuous tape that measures 6 feet long per container. Just open the top half of the plastic disc and pull out all the gum your mouth can handle! There are no guidelines so you get the perfect quantity every time you chew. Order here and get your tropical fix in a bulk chewing gum box so there's plenty to share with friends at parties, picnics, school events and other gatherings.

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