Hubba Bubba Max Outrageous Original Bubble Gum - 9ct

Hubba Bubba Max Bubble Gum - 9ct
  • $27.99

Indulge in classic juicy bubblegum flavor with Hubba Bubba® Max Outrageous Original Bubble Gum for record-breaking bubbles.

5 pieces per pack

Price per unit: $3.11

Product Details

Hubba, hubba! No wait, we're sorry. It's Hubba Bubba Max Bubblegum! This bubblegum will make your taste buds do cat calls every time they see and taste these chewy and delicious morsels. In outrageous original, cherry lemonade, grape berry, strawberry watermelon, and sour double berry, you can practice blowing the biggest bubbles in town.

Just make sure you don't float away! Stock up on this chewy, fruity bubblegum to fill a pinata with an extra special treat, to bring to a baseball game and chew like the professionals, or to add to the dessert table at a backyard picnic or BBQ.

SKU: Y341275

5 pieces per pack

Flavor List

  • Outrageous Original
  • Cherry Lemonade
  • Grape Berry
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Sour Double Berry

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