Jawbreakers Basket -110ct

Jawbreakers Basket -110ct CandyStore.com
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Our jawbreakers basket is the ultimate candy assortment for anyone who loves this long lasting treat. The classic jawbreaker includes a smaller core that's layered in multiple colors of sweet, delicious confection.

Each new layer expands the jawbreaker to form a large ball with a smooth exterior. They take a while to eat, which means you get more snacking out of each individual piece. Any occasion is a great time to serve up our sweet jawbreakers! They arrive individually wrapped so they stay clean, fresh and ready to snack. Use them as stocking stuffers for the kids or add them to a special gift.

Jawbreakers also make great filler for Christmas party favors and treat bags. Our bulk jawbreakers basket contains many pieces at a great price so you can enough to go around whether you eat them as a daily snack or plan to hand them out at a big event!


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