Jawbreakers Bruiser - 2 1/4 inch - 24lb

Jawbreakers Bruiser
  • $120.99

The round house kick of the candy world!

Price per pound: $5.04

Product Details

You my friend, are cruisin' for a bruisin'! That's because these Jawbreakers Bruisers are the round house kick of the candy world. With a nearly unbreakable shell and a 2 1/4'' circumference, these Jawbreakers will rough you up with their hard candy crunch.

Know some tough guys who want a candy that fights back? Want to surprise your little ones with a candy that lasts and lasts? Having a candy buffet bar that you want to make extra special? These hefty bruisers can stand up to the pressure and take on any event you throw at them. See how you matchup against these tough candies.

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