Jawbreakers Bruiser - 1/2inch - 28lb

Jawbreakers Bruiser - 1/2inch - 28lb CandyStore.com
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Old-school white, color-splattered Jawbreakers!

287 jawbreakers per pound

Price per pound: $4.61

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Feeling a little bit nostalgic? Why don't you treat yourself to a pack of Jawbreakers? In case you'd ever forgotten about them, Jawbreakers are very hard candies that are round and come in different sizes. They're ridiculously popular in the early 1990's, so much that we all have probably made a game out of how long you could make these candies last in your mouth! Of course, the more ginormous they are, the longer they last!

So, whether or not you can make it last for as long as the others can, if you ever find yourself in the mood for candy you enjoyed as a kid, just order these old-fashioned white, color-splattered Jawbreakers. These half inch Jawbreakers are just about the right size, so you don't have to worry about choking on them, unlike the unfortunate character in the Jawbreaker movie! Aside from enjoying on their novelty as retro candy, Jawbreakers also make for the perfect Halloween treats.

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287 jawbreakers per pound

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